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Program Description

 - M.A.T. is Accepted - 

The House of Hope will encourage and assist each individual resident to become a productive and responsible member of the community, providing the opportunity for development of the life skills necessary to sustain their positive life recovery process. The organization will develop a life recovery plan for each individual resident to help with all aspects of their lives. physical, emotional, and spiritual. The House OF Hope will work in cooperation with other community agencies and organizations to utilize the resources in our community to best assist each one. This is a non-denominational faith influenced program with outreach to many different churches in our community. Through our program we offer outside meetings and the therapies to fit what they need. ALL FOR ONE at House of Hope Reentry services, We offer unparalleled support network that is tailored to each individual and the changing needs of our residents . Our self help mentoring is the core of our offerings Helping community members to get back on track.

Therapy Session

Relapse Prevention Program

We hope to provide all our residents with the tools they need to succeed once they leave us. HOH Reentry Services

is more than a place to recover

from life events.

Learn to Read

Reentry Education

HOH Reentry Services is much more than a residence for recovering individuals. We believe that giving residents the tools they need helps pave the way for a long-lasting, healthy reentry. Reach out to learn more.

Psychology Patient

Self-Help Mentoring

At HOH Reentry Services, we offer an unparalleled support network that’s tailored to the changing needs of our residents. Our Self-Help Mentoring is at the core of our offerings, helping community members get back on track.

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