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How Can We Help

 - M.A.T. is Accepted  - 

House of Hope of Franklin County will introduce and/or enhance a reentry program to help women.  We facilitate resources which provide for the educational, charitable and social welfare activities connected with the habilitation and rehabilitation of women suffering from life’s traumatic events.

We build Our Reentry House on these 10 principles

1. Life Recovery emerges from hope.
2. Life Recovery is person driven.
3. Life Recovery occurs via many pathways.
4. Life Recovery is holistic.
5. Life Recovery is supported by peers and allies.
6. Life Recovery is supported through relationships and social network.
7. Life Recovery is culturally-based and influence.
8. Life Recovery is support by addressing trauma.
9. Life Recovery involves individual family and community strengths and responsibility
10. Life Recovery is based on respect.

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